Have my co-ownership managed


Why having my co-ownership mangaed by SGEM ?


Co-ownership requires strong commitment and planned actions from your syndic.

Our vision for a co-property syndic is to secure co-owners interest, value their heritage and set up an efficient daily management for their building.
In order to provide you that, we are strongly focus on proximity, transparency and reactivity

Have your property managed by SGEM provides you :

  • A team management with an updated training
  • Planned visits
  • A management as close to your interests (accounting and legal specialized services)
  • A regular communication between us
  • A transparent accountancy
  • A close collaboration between your representatives and our technical service
  • Our sales-purchase-rent departments expertise to best value your heritage

Please call 034 03 000 373 or email to teddy.hardy@firstimmo.mg